New project – denied

I was looking for a new very simple project to try a MVP project. While I was thinking about it, a highly useful project came to me.

I’ve got a Android TV. Changing the Google Advertising ID (GAID) is such a pain on it, that an app that would do that would be a great help. I’d set it to change every x days or weeks and lo and behold it would be done.

After looking at the MVP information, I dug down into the GAID. The announcement, the Google play GAID documentation overview. There isn’t any documentation on how to change the GAID, only how to pull it back.

A question that is highly interesting on SO, on the first page returned on a search,  it has the most page views.

Evidently, time to look for another simple project. <sigh>

If you have one, drop a comment here.


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