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Distributing an Android library

I had a my own open source library that I wanted to push out for myself and others to use. I didn’t want to go the JitPack route. I didn’t want to add Maven to my Android Studio project so that I’d have to create my own POM file and maintain that on top of the gradle file.

I went looking for a hosting location, I first chose the OSS Maven central library, Sonatype / Nexus. Items that need to be uploaded are the Maven POM, the Android archive (.aar), JavaDoc and source code. I started looking around for gradle addons to allow the push to Sonatype / Nexus. I tried many different gradle methods and didn’t get any of them to work. After around 3 weeks pounding my head trying to get various solutions to work, I gave up.

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The tale of the expiring fragment in a FragmentPagerAdapter

I was testing my tablet layout of my app and noticed a really strange thing: my detail fragment (of a parent and detail fragment set) when a certain combination of various device rotation and menu selection was loosing my 1st tab of my FragmentPagerAdapter.

What was going on here, and more importantly, how could I fix it?

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